One part of the automotive journey is picking out the new vehicle that is going to fulfill your daily driving needs. The other part of the process is determining whether you want to finance or lease that new model. Westboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is ready to help you determine which route is right for you by offering this comparison of leasing and financing a vehicle.

So what are the perks of leasing a new car? One major perk is that you will likely have lower monthly payments than you would with an auto loan. With lower monthly payments, it is easier to get the exact car, truck, SUV, or van for your driving style.

Another perk to leasing a vehicle from Westboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is that you can enjoy the latest automotive technology that comes with a new model without actually owning that vehicle. Plus, when your lease is up, you can trade in that vehicle for a newer model with even better technology and design.

While there are perks to leasing, there are also benefits to buying a new car. One reason buying might be the better option for you is that you are the sole owner of the vehicle. This may be the better option for Westborough drivers that want to modify their car, truck, SUV, or van in any way they want.

Another upside to buying a new model is that you can turn around and sell the vehicle down the road and potentially make a profit. You can then use this money as a hefty down payment for your next car, making for even lower future monthly payments.

We hope this comparison of financing and leasing a new car helps you narrow down which option is best for you. Start browsing Westboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM's inventory of new vehicles today to see which one is right for you. And save time at our dealership in Westborough by completing the financing application to get pre-approved for your loan or lease.

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