With summer road trips and vacations just around the bend, your vehicle could likely use a service or maintenance. The Westboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram team always recommends servicing your vehicle at the start of each season, but especially after the harsh winter months. Before you hit the road this summer, be sure to bring your vehicle in for these five specific services.

Wiper Blade Change

Your wiper blades take a significant beating during the wintertime. Our team is here to replace your wiper blades so you can drive smoothly and safely if you encounter inclement weather.

Air Conditioning System Repair

We always recommend checking your air conditioning system to ensure it's working properly. If it needs maintenance or a repair, our service technicians are on it.

Seasonal Tire Change

Checking your tire pressure, rotating your tires and changing out your tires for the summer season is always a crucial service. You'll drive without interruption all summer long on tires that are right for your car and offer you great efficiency and a steady ride.

Essential Fluid Top-Offs

No one wants to find their vehicle overheating on the side of the road on a hot, sunny day. Our team will change your coolant, check your oil and top-off any other essential fluids under your hood.


Testing your car battery is key. We offer battery tests here at Westboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and we can also replace your battery quickly and easily if you discover you need a new one.

Schedule a summer service appointment with our team of experts today, and embark on a summer packed full of thrilling adventures with a reliable and well-maintained vehicle.

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